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Plant of the Month: Yarrow

Common name: Yarrow, Wounded Healer

Latin name: Achillea millefolium

Native Region: Europe, Asia and North America (3 species are native to N. America). Yarrow can be found all over the world. (Over 1000 species)

Element: Water

Planet Association: Venus (Emotional aspect of Heart Center) and Mars (Transformations of the Soul)

Gender: Feminine (Form) /Masculine (Force)

Process: Involution (Brings spirit into matter) and Evolution (Bringing matter into Spirit)

Chakra: Heart (4th Chakra) Anahata and Root (1st Chakra) Muladhara

Energy: Cooling and drying

Part of plant used: Flowers and leaves

Day of the week associated: Tuesday (Mars) Friday (Venus)

Yarrow is an herb that not only attracts love but allows us to confront our own soul wound that has put blocks up not allowing us to receive. In other words, bringing in courage to help heal our own heart breaks that have caused soul wounds over our life-time, allowing us to look at them, acknowledge them, feel them and heal them. As the wounded healer teaches us what wounds us, heals us. Yarrow’s visionary effect on an emotional level is one that helps those in depression release the bitterness of rage; while in those who are habitually defensive and severe, it allows them to tap and relinquish their fears. Some believe Yarrow comes from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “to be ready” or “to prepare”. This is why Yarrow is seen as a protective herb, to ward of negative energy creating the courage and protection to know its ok to look deep within. It will offer protection against negative thought forms opening you up to your true heart. One will hear the internal heart and be able to hear ones’ heart more clearly as the blockages are cleared. It is also used in divination to enhance psychic ability by driving one deep and connecting within. Directedness. Insights and breakthroughs. Enlightenment. Simplicity. Harmony. Involution and Evolution.

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