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Plant Of the Month: Echinacea

Common name: Echinacea

Latin name: Echinacea spp.

Native Region: North America, east of Rocky Mountains, and in Atlantic drainage area

Element: Air

Planet Association: Uranus

Gender: Feminine (Form) /Masculine (Force): Brings union

Process: Involution (Brings spirit into matter) and Evolution (Bringing matter into Spirit)

Chakra: (3rd Chakra) Solar plexus: Manipura: City of Jewels

Energy: Cooling, drying, stimulating

Part of Plant Used: Roots, seeds and flowers

Day of the week associated: All days

Body: Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, stimulates white blood cells, cooling and used for high fevers, liver detoxifier and used for skin eruptions, lymph cleanser and clears mucous

Mental: Used for metal confusion, dizziness and mental exhaustion. Keep spirits high in challenging times and helps you to remember the strength in who you are. Brings enthusiasm for new beginnings and blends opposites together. Echinacea can be used as an inner guide to have self-control and moderation when we feel lost and/or fragmented and confused.

Soul: Restores strength and brings protection. Echinacea helps to bring a healthy filter between ourselves and the outside world during times of transition when our outer reality hasn’t caught up with our inner reality. She helps us to let go of old realities and keeps us open with strength and excitement for the new. Echinacea offers us assistance in adjustment to changes and helps us to harmonize polarities in ourselves. The cone top of Echinacea offers us insight into seeing the bigger picture in our lives, helping us to detach from emotions and physical outcomes so we can open the magic and synchronicities in life. Echinacea is a motivational coach, a guardian and assists us in facing challenges in life. She helps us stay focused on our goals and helps us remember our strength and divinity.

We were never meant to settle for less! We are Earth’s children. Call on Echinacea to help you stay focused with strength to open to the magic in life. Stay strong and create new visions for yourself and let old realities go to open to the new.

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