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Plant of the Month: Lemon Balm

Common name: Lemon Balm

Latin name: Melissa officinalis

Native Region: Mountainous areas of Southern Europe and North Africa, has naturalized in almost every warm or temperate area around the globe

Element: Water

Planet Association: The Moon

Gender: Feminine

Process: Involution (bringing spirit into matter)

Chakra: Sacral Charka (2nd Chakra) Svadhisthana, Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) Manipura, Heart Chakra (4th Chakra) Anahata

Energy: Slightly warming

Part of plant used: Flowering herb

Day of the week associated: Monday

Body: Lemon Balm is known to help with digestive disorders, spasms and cramps, anxiety, restlessness, heart palpitations, melancholy, headaches, depression and high blood pressure associated with stress and irritability. Lemon Balm is also an anti-viral and helps to treat fevers and is commonly used with herpes. She helps to stabilize emotions, bring a good night sleep due to her calming and anti-depressive actions.

Mind: Lemon Balm is used for depression and melancholy by helping stabilize our moods and feelings by calming and clearing the mind. She helps us to find peace and brings support in any shift during challenging times in our lives by opening us up to the flow of our lives. Lemon Balm brings us happiness and strength to see things through and be with who we truly are what we truly want in life.

Spirit: Her name is “Sweet Melissa” because of her ability to attract bees. On a spiritual level she helps to attract people in our lives by helping us be in the radiance of our whole true self. She helps us to find closure in all life experiences and offers us support through changes and challenges in life. She brings a happy healing vibration and lifts our energy and spirit by bringing in light.

Lemon Balm brings emotional wellness and opens us to attract people who help us to shine brighter. She balances emotions, counteracts depression helping us to find closure in all life experiences. Lemon Balm brings abundance, boosts spiritual growth, lifts our energy and brings in light. Her carminative properties help with the ability to digestive life experiences to give us wisdom and love while urging us to go for our dreams and be assertive. As we move through life we must face challenges and fears and through this we learn to incorporate the old and new energies of ourselves. Lemon Balm helps us to see new forms and ideas by being strong in ourselves while revealing the lost hidden emotions within us without getting stuck or caught in them. You can call upon her to bring energy to you to and help lift your spirits to help pull negative energy off your energetic body. Spend time with her and closely listen to her sweet messages to bring you words of wisdom while urging you to go for your dreams and give you the courage and strength you need to make the impossible possible.

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