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Plant of the Month: St. John’s Wort

Common name: St. John’s Wort

Latin name: Hypericum perforatum

Element: Fire

Process: Evolution (Brings matter into Spirit)

Energy: Slightly warming

Planet association: Sun

Part of plant used: Flowering top, mixture of both buds and open flowers

Day of the week associated: Sunday (the day of the Sun)

Taste: Bitter, sweet and bitter

Body: Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, astringent (dries up mucous and tightens as well as strengthens loose tissue), promotes healing of tissues, anti-bacterial, sedative, calms the nerves, protects against free radicals and toxins, strengthens and protects the liver, loosens muscular tension, restores the nervous system as well as used for nerve pain and nerve regeneration, helps to alleviate addiction

Mind: St. John’s wort is said to ease depression and let us see the light in things. She can show us where we have given our power away and give us the confidence to call it back home to ourselves. It is said she can help us with a rapid mind that leads us to fear by showing us another way, shining a light on the shadows of our mind. St. John’s wort offers us clarity with protection and can show us with confidence that we have all the strength and heart to hear and honor who we are. She offers us a sense of feeling grounded as we see the truth in things, to help us clear our thinking and speak our truth.

Soul: Another name for her is “fuga daemonum” meaning chase away demons, giving us protection as we see the truth of things and offers us the courage to stand in that truth. She is also called “sol terrestis” meaning Sun on Earth. It is said when we feel lost in the world St. John will find us and bring us home to ourselves. St. John’s wort can help us open to our psychic gifts by offering us the light we need to trust in our intuition and the convictions of our heart. She shows us where the shadows are, where we have given our own power away and thus what keeps us from being in the truth of who we are with confidence. Her light offers us the protection, confidence and strength to call back our power, what is rightfully ours. St. John’s Wort helps us clear out the fear around what it means to be the creator of our lives. This strengthens our capacity to live out our personal myth by allowing our visions and creations to manifest. She can help us see that we hold the ability and strength to see clearly and communicate to ourselves and the outside world our gifts and passions as we journey on the path of the Soul. Call upon her when you are seeking clarity, need strength or protection as she will ease any fear or frustrations and enable you to hear the song of our own. Her leaves have tiny littles holes that allow light to shine through them offering us the ability to see where our energy has been leaking. This quality she holds can offer us the light we need to seal these holes in our energetic field with light, protection and love.

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