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Plant of the Month: Sage

Common name: Sage

Latin name: Salvia officinalis

Element: Air and Earth

Gender: Masculine and Feminine

Process: Involutions (Brings spirit into Matter), Evolution (Brings matter into Spirit)

Energy: Warming, drying

Planet association: Venus, Jupiter

Part of plant used: Arial herb in budding stage

Day of the week associated: Friday (Day of Venus), Thursday (Day of Jupiter)

Taste: Pungent, Aromatic

Body: Increases digestion and sooths the stomach by decreasing gas and indigestion, dries overactive mucous membranes, kills bacteria, uses to soothe sore throats, decreases muscles spasms, heals spinal cord-injuries, contains high amounts of zinc, soothes bruising and cleanses wounds, clears bladder infections, helps with onset of cold, flu and congestion, used to stop the production of breast milk, used for nights sweats and for excessive sweating

Mind: Decreases mental tension, promotes clarity of thought, adds protection to the mind so that we can step away from negative thought patterns, awakens your inner guide and opens you to clarity within, helps to silence our mind to hear our own songs, brings in wisdom and determination

Heart: Aligns us with our heart by aligning our spiritual knowledge with practicality, grounds our hearts in connection to who we truly are and what we feel, allows the heart to open, speak and be heard

Soul: Opens you to the messages and stillness of the Soul to re-align you with your true path by allowing it to be seen and felt. She opens you to clarity to find the answers to the deepest questions that come from the Soul to answer. She helps us to align and offers healing and protection while doing so. Her wisdom is a channel of connection to Spirit that opens us into the realms of inner guidance.

The herb Sage comes from the Latin salvare, meaning “to save” as she highly regarded for her spiritual, physical, mental properties as well as cooking all over the world. She is a powerful healing herb and she is used within many varieties of her species. She is burned in sacred ceremonies for inner and outer purification. Sage awakens the inner guide and allows in the clarity of mind we need to feel a greater sense of centeredness. She aligns us with our visions and a sense of connection with our hearts and Souls. Often when we are faced with questions there is a point where it is time to enter the realm of our inner guidance. She allows us to be in our stillness and listen, offer protection and a sense of connection to spirit. Sage is a truth seeker and will help you find purpose and uncover secrets. She comes with infinite wisdom and her messages are unique to each and every one of us.

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