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Plant of the Month: Rosemary

Common name: Rosemary

Latin name: Rosmarinus “dew of the sea” officinalis

Element: Water and Fire

Gender: Female

Process: Involution (Brings Spirit into matter) and Evolution (Brings matter into Spirit)

Energy: Warming and drying

Planet association: Mars, Sun, Pluto

Part of plant used: Leaf

Day of the week associated: Tuesday (Day of Mars and Pluto), Sunday (Day of the Sun)

Taste: Aromatic and spicy

Body: Increases circulation to the body, decreases muscle pain, decreases muscle spasms, decreases joint pain, helps to dry wet coughs, decreases fatigue, increases digestion, improves immune function, disinfectant and can be used to clean wounds and is a great household cleaner, anti-fungal, anti-viral, opens the chest when congested and helps to repair the digestive tract from poor diet or IBS, rich in antioxidants that strengthen the brain and liver, warming and stimulating, used to treat headaches, use topically to stimulate hair growth and promote the health and shine of hair

Mind: Rosemary is known to increase memory and improve concentration. She is known for “remembrance” to enhance our memory, concentration and clarity. Rosemary helps to relieve headaches especially from stress or poor eating habits. She uplifts our spirits and relieves depression while getting us out of repeated stuck mental patterns. Rosemary helps to bring in confidence and rational thinking. She restores emotional and mental balances and brings relief to anxiety and nightmares.

Soul: Rosemary encourages us to stand in our true authentic true Selves. She helps us to re-member all aspects of Self so that we can re-welcome our whole Self home to our hearts. Her name means “dew of the Sea”, connecting us into the realm of the unseen so that we can remember our connection the one reality. Rosemary helps us to remember past lives, dreams and all the love you have for yourself and others. She helps us connect to our inner knowing and our connection to Spirit so that we can receive messages from Spirit with clarity. She offers protection, purification and cleansing so that we can connect deeper within. Rosemary strengthens our spirits and uplifts us with courage to hear the songs of own heart. During times of depression she will help draw in light and move us out of stuck places by helping to break up stuck energy in the body and the mind. Call upon her when you need some extra courage or when you are seeking guidance from Spirit. She will assist you in opening to hear messages with clarity as she holds you with protection and love.

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