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Plant of the Month: Rose

Common name: Rose

Latin name: Rosa sp.

Element: Water

Gender: Female

Process: Involutions (Brings spirit into Matter)

Energy: Cooling

Planet association: Venus

Part of plant used: Flowers, rose hips

Day of the week associated: Friday (Day of Venus)

Taste: Bitter, sweet

Body: Hormone balancer, cools heat in the liver, aids digestion, aids circulation, kidney and heart tonic (restores kidney function), increases sexual vitality, brings moisture to the skin, decreases spasms in the body and eases menstrual cramps, decreases depression, treats uterine disorders, assists in decreased sperm count in men

Mind: Opens and soothes the mind, helps you to respect other people’s perspectives, lifts the spirits when feeling down, helps you to honor yourself and honor others, helps you to maintain personal boundaries yet remain calm away from acting defensive, brings peace of mind and open you to see the beauty in Self and all of life

Heart: inspires self-love, deepens your relationships with others, opens the heart, reconnects you to own heart, teaches us to love ourselves and others again, brings in passion and joy

Soul: Sweetens the soul, increases love life, heals ancient wounds, heals a broken heart.

Rose requests you value yourself, and helps you keep your self-respect in all your relationships, particularly the intimate ones. When necessary, you can show your thorns. Your body is a scared space, and if you don’t act that way no one will either. If a relationship has ended, especially through betrayal, and if your heart feels damaged, any use of rose will slowly but surely help your heart to heal, and your self-love to rebirth itself. Roses are magical. Unlike lavender Roses are not easy to handle, her prickly nature is part of her medicine and it increases as she ages. She gets more powerful and thorny with time, and yet her blossoms stay just as intoxicating and delicious, her hips just as sustaining and fortifying.

She restores a will to live, Joy and commitment to life despite trials or pain. For depleted soul and heart. Restores the vital forces of the soul especially in reconnecting the soul to physical body and physical world. This essence teaches that life is sacred, and the soul must make every effort to embrace to find the true meaning of love and physical reality of this dimension.

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