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Plant of the Month: Parsley

Common name: Parsley

Latin name: Petroselinum cripsum

Native Region: Eastern Mediterranean

Element: Air

Planet Association: Mercury

Gender: Masculine (Force)

Process: Evolution (Bringing matter into Spirit)

Chakra: Sacral Charka (2nd Chakra) Svadhisthana, Heart Chakra (4th Chakra) Anahata,

Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra) Ajna

Energy: Warming, drying root and drying seed

Part of plant used: Leaf, seeds, root

Day of the week associated: Wednesday (Mercury)

Body: Diuretic, galactagogue (stimulates breast milk), smooth muscle antispasmodic, emmenagogue (stimulates Moon cycle in women) and helps dissolve urinary stones in kidney and bladder. Parsley is high in vitamin A making a great remedy for the liver and eyes, high in vitamin C, iron, potassium and beta carotene. Parsley is a wonderful carminative that helps with gas and bloating. The seeds are used as an aphrodisiac and help with impotence in men and is used as a tonic for the prostate. Can be used as a hair rinse or infused oil to repel head lice when applied to the scalp. Topically used to treat insect bites and reduces swelling. She sweetens our breath when eaten after meals and was traditionally added to plates as a garnish to keep from contamination.

Mind: Releases inner fears deep within the psyche around what it means to be truly whole within. When we are not healed with the balance of our masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves we project into relationships with the “need” from another. This leads to unhealthy, unbalanced and sometimes event toxic relationships as a projection that comes from deep within from what we really long for deep within ourselves. Parsley helps to unlock our internal unity, free us from rigid feelings, emotional states and stuck emotional patterns.

Spirit: Can represent spiritual funeral for what we need to release such as a bad break up, bad habits, old negative thought patterns, addictions, etc. In this way she represents both endings and beginnings in our lives because where there is an ending there is a beginning. Assists in hard challenging times by providing strength to move on after unexpected change. Brings unity and wholeness to our spirit by providing the strength to stand with our masculine and feminine sides of ourselves. Frees our spirit, heart, mind and soul from fragmentation and welcomes our wholeness home within.

Her favorite phrase is, “All will be alright, dear child.” Juliet Diaz (Plant Witchery). Parsley brings so much healing by helping us to let go and to see that there is nothing ever truly lost or gone. She helps us see the lesson and growth with everything in life. Invite her to help you to open to messages and guidance from your spirit guides to give you strength and courage to release what is no longer serving to see the new beginnings in endings. Her strength helps you honor the endings with great gratitude with who you are today. Parsley helps us to magnetize our unity of within, to flow into what it means to feel whole within each of us. She helps to open up the love within ourselves to love ourselves completely free from separation by releasing hidden blocks deep within us that hold us back from our own healing. Open to feel love, unity, balance and what it means to feel whole within. Her strength in flow will help you to “feel” this deep within yourself, not just mentalize the emotion. Flow and release into your wholeness.

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