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Plant of the Month: Oat

Common name: Oat

Latin name: Avena sativa

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Process: Involution (Brings spirit into Matter)

Energy: Moistening

Planet association: Venus, Earth

Part of plant used: Milky Oat Seed, Straw

Day of the week associated: Friday (Day of Venus), Sunday (Day of the Sun)

Taste: Sweet, Nutritious

Body: Calms and nourishes the entire system, aids with anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, tense mental and physical states. Oats are nutritive to the whole body and enhance the body’s ability to uptake nutrients from food. Oats aid in repairing nerve damage and other damaged body tissues. Oats improve the ability for nerves to communicate to each other and help us to respond to short- and long-term stress. She helps to clear a congested toxic system and cleanses our blood. High in Vitamin A, B, C, calcium, magnesium. Oats also increase our awareness of sensations of pleasure increasing states of happiness and deeper states of intimacy with others. Oats contains many minerals that bring flexibility and bone density and help to build healthy bones and joints. She decreases spasms in body and reduces pain, especially nerve pain or pain form the overuse of muscles and tendons.

Mind: Oats help to calm our minds while opening us to see what mental patterns are throwing us off balance. She helps to nourish us back into balance alleviating exhaustion, addiction, depression and insomnia. Oats ground us back into to our truth of who we are, love. She helps to calm an overactive mind and open us up to a larger picture helping us to feel grounded in whatever is going on internally. Oats helps us to let go of expectations, drop inner judgments and open us back into feeling into our hearts to feel centered, safe and grounded in who we are.

Soul: Oats help us to feel centered and grounded in who we are where we are in our lives. She soothes our Souls and helps us let go old ways, patterns and expectations while opening us up to the possibilities of what can be. Oats teach us how to be in the flow of life, to be with how we truly feel, be with the winds of change yet grounded in the essence of our being. We must live our truth to be in harmony with our Soul and except the nourishment that we have all around us. We were never meant to get it right as our path is not a straight line. Oats help us to soothe our worries and help us to see the experiences and lessons of our lives as wisdom to come into our true balance. We are Earth’s children and were never meant to settle for less, she offers us the safety in seeing that all the twists and turns on the path were made for wisdom. As Oats throws her seeds to the wind filled with desires and vision to expand and grow, she shows us we are able to do the same. She offers nutrients to our whole system and in turn to the Soul to help us to feel what is real and true so that our Soul’s does not go hungry for living. Oats show us how to honor and nourish our mind, heart, Soul and body. She guides us to our inner wisdom by quieting the mind to feel and hear the songs of our own, to feel the balance of stillness and movement. She shows us what feels unbalanced in our lives to bring us clarity in what we need to let go and let flow so we may grow and nourish ourselves. Oats open us to the eb and flow of our ever-evolving Selves.

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