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Plant of the Month: Nettle

Common name: Nettle

Latin name: Urtica spp.

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Process: Evolution (bring matter into spirit)

Energy: Drying and stimulating

Planet association: Mars

Part of plant used: Ariel tops when young, prior to buds or flowering

Day of the week associated: Tuesday (Mars Day)

Taste: Nutritious

Body: Blood cleanser, alkalizing to entire system, tonic for urinary system, rich in potassium, magnesium and silicic acid, high mineral content, reduces menstrual cramps, decreases leg cramps due to mineral content, used in hay fever, allergies and asthma, expels water retention, spring tonic, rejuvenator, used with gouty arthritis, eliminates uric acid, expels discharge from mucous membranes, builds blood, strengthens adrenals kidneys and lungs, supports immune system, boosts iron, increases oxygen in red blood cells, increases bone density

Mind: Sharpens mental focus and provides strength to the mind. Nettles helps us to build respectful boundaries and helps us to express our anger and resentments. Nettles helps you to pay attention when distracted by pointing out where you are not acknowledging your own heart and brings you back home to align your heart mind. When aligning our thoughts with our heart we can take noble action of the Soul towards our own evolution and honor what is no longer serving us.

Heart: Re-awakens heart’s truest desires, strengthens the courage of one’s convictions, awakens our wild and free nature. Nettles detoxifies our heart and helps to move stuck energy and express what we need to open, evolve and transform. Nettles shows us what we need to be with the truth of our heart. Nettles offers us the strength to stand up for ourselves and create safe boundaries around our heart. Nettles moves blood and increases oxygen (air). Air is the element of the heart chakra, this brings the movement of detoxifying what is no longer serving us and what feels heavy on our heart while bridging our spiritual Self with our physical self.

Soul: Nettles helps us to re-wire our own personal grid with self-empowerment and authentic power that honors the love of our Soul. Nettles helps us to walk through the world with an acknowledgment of the present and acknowledgment of the great Mother Earth. This allows us to see and connect with our inner world and see what we are mirroring in our lives through repeat patterns that are from old resentments and old belief systems. As we honor what we are holding from our past, we can choose to not let it go, we can honor that we are not allowing the evolution of the Soul. Nettles offers us the strength and vitality to connect with the strength and compassion of our Soul and recognize what we must detoxify from within to create the life we want in our outer world.

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