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Plant of the Month: Mugwort

Common name: Mugwort/Cronewort

Latin name: Artemisia Vulgaris

Element: Water

Gender: Female

Process: Involutions (Brings spirit into Matter)

Energy: Warming

Planet association: Venus, Moon

Part of plant used: Flowering Tops

Day of the week associated: Friday (Day of Venus), Monday (Day of Moon)

Taste: Bitter, Aromatic, spicy

Body: Bitter tonic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, increases menstrual cycle in women and helps to regulate hormones, tonic for ovaries and uterus, relives cramps and eases symptoms of premenstrual symptoms and symptoms of menopause. (Do not use during pregnancy). Promotes proper digestion, increases appetite, promotes mineral absorption to bones and joints and stabilized nerves. Strengthens the liver, lungs and musculoskeletal system.

Mind: Increases intuition and perception, strengthens memory, enhances our dreams and visions, nourishes the brain, clears mental fog.

Heart: Re-awakens heart’s truest desires, strengthens the courage of one’s convictions, awakens our wild and free nature.

Soul: Re-awakens awareness and embodiments of divine, brings forth deepest visions, opens us to guidance from our unconscious, dreams and intuition. Traditionally known for smudging for cleansing and purification. She is visionary and brings us a clearer view of our Soul path.

Mugwort is a wise elder and reminds us of us our wisdom and the divine truth of who we are. She helps us remember our purpose here and claim our divinity. Mugwort opens us to the confidence and courage to listen to our inner wisdom so that we can live our lives authentically and stand tall in who we are. She helps us claim our independence and our strength to remember we can choose and create the life we truly want. Mugwort helps us to retrieve our inner light and strength so that we can find the validation we need within and no longer seek for validations outside of ourselves. Mugwort teaches us how to be strong in our minds, spirit and our bodies. The Anglo Saxons call her “the eldest of worts” and consider her sacred as is a reminder that each day a new day is dawning. She is associated with all things of the night and will help you to receive messages in your dreams and deepen your psychic ability. Mugwort is ruled the Moon and Venus helping us move through cycles in our lives with ease as well as remove blocked energy so we can open the pathways to the divine. Allow her to help you let of the old and make room for changes to occur to open to the path of your Soul. She will help free you from restrictions of your past and remind you that all bitter lessons are part of gaining the wisdom you needed for who you are today. NO regrets!

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