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Join us every Balsamic Moon & Full Moon 6:00 to 8:00 pm. We will call upon the magical energy of Tarot, the guidance of Astrology, and the Moon phases to inform us as we establish a pattern for creating the life we wish to enjoy in balance & harmony. You will learn more about Tarot, Astrology, the Moon phases & how to correlate them to yourself as well as the global community as the year unfolds. Using your own birth chart as the basis for this process, you will come to see how the moon flows through her phases, through each house of the zodiac, and how the planets influence the energies surrounding us all. Tarot introduces the delightful magic of insight to help direct us towards our dreams & observe what unfolds with each lunar cycle.

$50 per month covers both gatherings, all materials, & support in understanding your journey through the moon phases. 

Monthly Moon Update and Meditation.Marianna Voulgaris
00:00 / 25:46
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