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Plant Of The Month: Bay Laurel

Common name: Bay Laurel

Latin name: Laurus nobilis

Element: Fire

Planet Association: Sun

Gender: Masculine (Force)

Process: Evolution (Bringing matter into Spirit)

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Throat Chakra, Third Eye, Crown Chakra

Energy: Warming to heating

Part of plant used: Leaf

Day of the week associated: Sunday

Body: Used for earaches, used in rheumatism for its anti-inflammatory properties, suppresses high blood sugar and is used for diabetes, used in bacterial and fungal infections, soothes digestive issues such as gas and indigestion, decreases cholesterol, useful for the common cold in dispelling mucous and suppressing coughs, can aid in asthma by opening up the lungs and suppressing spasms in the chest, contains heating properties that have been shown to increase metabolism and has seen to assist in weight loss, calms the nerves to aid with sleep, topically assists with bruises, sore muscles and skin rashes, can help treat urinary tract infections

Mind: Bay has been used to increase our physic ability by allowing us to think clearly away from mental clutter so we can receive our higher mind. Bay is ruled by the Sun allowing that true divine light to shine through our mind to get clear answers and to help manifest and fuel our greater visions and intentions. Bay increases our wisdom by helping us to quiet our minds and shine light on what has been hidden. This may often be fear that is blocking, what is truly behind the fear is often what needs attention and healing. Allow Bay to bring divine messages and inspiration to a clear path ahead with trust. Many Greeks and Romans believed Bay would protect them from storms..could this be the storms we create in our minds therefore our lives?

Bay is ruled by the Sun and is associated with the Sun God Apollo. The Sun is greater mystery itself that brings divine inspiration, trust and truth for nothing is hidden under the Sun. Bay can remind us to see the magic in life thus helping us to see that life is full of magic. Bay is known for helping us bring our dreams into reality by helping us to get in touch with our divine mind, our divine light to remove any shadows that create blockages. Bay can help us to connect into our physic abilities with a sense of trust by quieting the mind to hear the divine messages. It is said that Bay offers us protection from anything preventing or blocking our ability to receive the messages and divine inspiration for our dreams to come true. We are often afraid of our own power and used to being disempowered that we lose our ability to see that we are the creators of our lives and we are in fact divine light. Ask Bay to help remove and protect you from any blocks, obstacles and unseen darkness that stands in your way. Bay will help you take your power back in what it means to be the great bringer of magic into your own life. Allow yourself to be seen in your light for you are divine love and light. Laurel to this day has a connotation for victory and success. The definition of “laureate” (Laurel, Bay) is a person who is honored for their outstanding creative and intellectual intelligence. In other words, let us rest in the “laurels” of our divinity connected with full faith, love and trust in what our light can truly bring. 

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