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Plant Of The Month: Oats

Common Name: Oats

Latin Name: Avena sativa (Cultivated) Avina fatua (wild Oats)

Native Region: Most Europe

Element: Earth

Planet Association: Venus

Chakra: Root

Gender: Feminine

Process: Involutions (Brings matter into Spirit)

Day of the Week: Friday Energy: Moistening

Part of plant used: Milky Oat tops and straw

Taste: Sweet, nutritious

Body: Calms the nerves, enhances the process of nutrition and repair to the body tissues and promotes healthy changes, blood and lymph cleanser, extremely high in nutrients, calming agent, Nutritive to the nervous system, rebuilds the myelin sheath which protect and surround the nerves, helps with depression, exhaustion, heart palpitations, sexual debility, addiction, anxiety (and much more!)

Mind: Helps to curb addictive emotional, physical and deep-rooted behaviors, creates a sense of well being and supports the integrity within us to remain strong in who we are. Helps to calm the mind to see the bigger picture in flow of our lives.

Soul: Opens the doors and allows healing to happen, brings inner peace. Opens you to the present moment, helps us to let go of expectations, softens us to the winds and grounds us back into the Earth so we can feel and know our truth.


Oats soothe our nerves, emotions, and our blockages and obstacles we have in life. They allow us to flow with the winds of changes and stay nourished and grounded in ourselves as the winds blow to remain calm. Oats can help us connect with our souls and listen to the wisdom of our experiences from our hearts flow with changes. Seasons, relationships, jobs, situations, emotions and life changes and we need to let go and allow ourselves to be fluid and go with the flow of our lives. The human self wants to hang on but the soul desires growth and change. Oats offers us the support and nourishment we need to move through hard times, hard emotions and hard experiences. Allow Oats to come into your life to soften and feel into your heart and allow yourself to let go what no longer serves so you. Continue to grow, nourish your roots and remain strong in who you are no matter which direction the winds blows.

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