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Plant of the Month: Angelica

Common name: Angelica

Latin name: Angelica archangelia

Native Region: Belgium, France, North America, Iceland, Greenland, Lapland

Element: Fire

Planet Association: Sun

Gender: Masculine (Force)

Process: Evolution (Bringing matter into Spirit)

Chakra: Root (1st Chakra) Muladhara, Sacral Charka (2nd Chakra) Svadhisthana, Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) Manipura, Crown Chakra (7th Chakra) Sahasrara

Energy: Warming and stimulating

Part of plant used: Root and Seed

Day of the week associated: Sunday (Sun)

Body: Aids in digestion, nutrition absorption of food, anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, dispels mucous from lungs and stomach, increases uterine activity to stimulate menses (avoid during pregnancy), diuretic (reducing water from the body increasing detoxification), increases circulation and warms the body while reducing stiffness and restores strength when weak.

Mind: Rids negative thoughts, increases peace, grounds the mind to open to connection to Self, helps with restlessness so we don’t feel disconnected or out of body. Strengthens our connection to our spirit, heart and body so we can feel rooted in our essence. This brings strength to the mind to dispel negative thought patterns around self-doubt. The heat is said to remove blockages and gives us strength to truly love being who we are and owning our uniqueness.

Spirit: Allows our connection to spirit to be open and grounding. Her long hollow stem is an indication of a “journey” plant which provides us strength to be on our own path by bringing the connection between body and spirit. It is said that using Angelia during prayer and meditation amplifies our intentions and gets our messages across loud and clear. Brings spiritual peace by clearing energy, protection and love, and is said if you dream of her you are dreaming of angels.

Angelica opens us to the connection between the lighter parts of ourselves and connects us to our original essence while nourishing our roots. Angelica offers us grounding energy so we can recognize our connection at the same time strengthen our physical body and spirit. Her spirit brings vitality back into our essence so we can remain on our Soul path committed and dedicated for our journey ahead. Her long hollow stem leads us down to our roots while her white flowers help us connect with our crown chakra opening up to angels and guides. Her hollow stem is an indication of a “journey” plant so we can connect with spirit and feel embodied staying grounded and connected. Angelica is said to have sprouted from the place where Archangel Michael first set foot on Earth from the heavens. She offers us guidance and protection while remaining clear in our intentions and amplifies them. She is said to be the herb of angels and enables us to communicate with the angelic realm. Angelica helps to open our hearts and allows to walk on our path with clarity and strength.

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