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Plant of the Month: Hibiscus

Common name: Hibiscus

Latin name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Element: Water

Gender: Female

Process: Involutions (Brings spirit into Matter)

Energy: Warming

Planet association: Venus

Part of plant used: Flowering Tops

Day of the week associated: Friday (Day of Venus)

Taste: Neutral to cool, astringent and sweet

Body: Relieves pain, anti-inflammatory, blood cleanser, antifungal, relieves spasms in the body, enhances mood, urinary tract cleanser and removes excess water from the body, removes excess mucous from sinus cavities and the digestive tract, increases hair and nail growth, stops bleeding, reduces swelling in body, relieves congested lymph nodes, regulates blood sugar, reduces fever and helps keep body cool during hot days, balances hormones, relieves symptoms of asthma and bronchitis, decreases headaches, relieves insect bites when used topically, high in vitamin C and increases immune function

Mind: Softens the mind so we can drop into the heart space and set aside the logical mind to open to one’s true nature, love. Brings peace, balance and harmony and relieves an anxious mind by bringing us to the present moment. Hibiscus teaches us how to flow with the changes in our lives and release what it no longer serving us. She brings love, peace and healing.

Heart: Re-awakens our heart’s to feel our passion, love and strengthens the courage of our heart. Hibiscus opens our creative nature by opening us up to flow with what we truly feel and desire. She teaches us how to release attachments of the heart to allow in unconditional love and compassion. Hibiscus paves the way for love of all kinds and reminds us of our connection to the one love and that we are love. She opens and softens our heart to help us feel all that we need so we can stand in our essence. Hibiscus helps us release any guilt or shame around being in our truth. She shows us what we are holding onto that is hindering us in the present with the support in letting go and letting us flow into the liberation of our Soul.

Soul: Hibiscus helps us to find inspiration in our lives during changes, difficult times and places where we feel stuck. She teaches us to let go when we need so we can rise to the true path of our Soul. Hibiscus is a symbol for detachment so we can enjoy our lives in the present moment and be open to see the new doors that are opening all around us. She brings a sense of holding and support to allow us to shift and remain open without judging current opportunities based on past experiences. Hibiscus removes blocks in our mind, body, heart and Soul. She releases pent up energy so we can set ourselves free and dance our dance of life on our path. Hibiscus reminds us to live life with our truest passions of our heart and shows us the way to liberation within, to flow with life while feeling rooted and held. She opens us to embrace our true nature. Hibiscus puts us back in touch with our essence by allowing us to feel and embody our spirit.

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