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Plant of the Month: Goldenseal

Common name: Goldenseal

Latin name: Hydrastis canadensis

Element: Water

Gender: Female

Process: Involution (Brings spirit into Matter)

Energy: Cooling and drying

Planet association: Pluto

Part of plant used: Root and leaf

Day of the week associated: Wednesday

Taste: Bitter and Astringent

Body: Blood cleanser, astringent, laxative in small doses, bitter tonic, removes mucous congestion, anti-microbial with strong anti-biotic properties, reduces inflammation, clears toxins, restores and strengthens the liver, antiseptic

Mind and Soul: Goldenseal can help clear out the old congested ways and make way for the new or the rebirthing in our lives. She helps to bring us clarity as to what our purpose is here and can help us confront our fears about why we have not been expressing our deep inner truths. Goldenseal helps us to awaken to the inner truth and open us to new perceptions. She helps us see our worth and value in our lives and gives us the energy to walk our talk. Goldenseal is a guide when we are waking up to another dimension of our higher Self and life. She helps us to see what restrictions and boundaries we have created so we can break them, let go and feel the purpose in the reawakening of our Self. The clarity that Goldenseal can bring is one that is beyond so we can see the above and the below are part of true Self.

“The struggle is over. The heart has won. I am reborn. A new has begun”

How to Use: This herb is very strong and is indicated for acute conditions to help fight against pathogens and to clear mucous and clean the liver and blood

Magically can be worn as an amulet, or smelling it as an aroma will help take in these healing qualities.

Can us energetic drops in water or beverages in small doses to use as a plant essence

Can be put in candles to bring healing when burned

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