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Plant of the Month: Juniper Berry

Common name: Juniper Berry

Latin name: Juniperus communis

Native Region: Europe, Asia, Africa and North America

Element: Fire

Planet Association: Sun and Mars

Gender: Masculine (Force)

Process: Evolution (Bringing matter into Spirit)

Chakra: Root (1st Chakra) Muladhara, Sacral Charka (2nd Chakra) Svadhisthana, Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) Manipura, Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra) Ajna

Energy: Drying and stimulating

Part of plant used: Berries

Day of the week associated: Tuesday (Mars) Sunday (Sun)

Body: Diuretic, detoxifier, antiseptic, used for hypoglycemic conditions, settles the stomach and aids in digesting and assimilation of food. Juniper is used for chronic bladder and kidney infections, sluggish conditions associated with a woman’s monthly cycle, gout, sciatica, sluggish digestion and arthritis. It is also been used for the respiratory system to clear stagnations and fluid and diabetes to aid in assisting blood sugar levels.

Mind: Helps with clarity during times of confusion. Helps one to realize that all things are possible and to recognize their own capacity. Juniper can help you solve problems especially those caused by strong emotions and help aid in seeing things from a different perspective to digest experiences.

Spirit: Juniper offers purification, protection, healing and helps to banish negativity from our lives. Juniper helps to encourage new strength and growth in our lives and offers us an opening to the door between realms. Helps build the spirit, intuition and clarity around receiving guidance, messages and downloads from other realms. Juniper offers us strength and confidence to hear and see signs more clearly in our lives. During meditation Juniper helps to bring focus and concentration, it has been used as a protector when journeying to other worlds as has been used for communication to spirits of nature and deities.

Juniper berries can help cleanse our energy and offer us protection while building our strength around who we truly are despite of energies surroundings us. Juniper berries have been said to cleanse our auric field and chakras while protecting us from negative thought patterns. As we build our own self-confidence, step into self-love and self-acceptance we can start to digest our life experiences and let go of anything not serving us. We can digest life, transform energy into energy that is for our highest good. We can let go of attachments, stagnant emotion, unreal expectations and come into clarity around what we truly need and want in our lives. Juniper helps us to step back and see that our inner world is reflective of our outer world; to have confidence in ourselves to truly change, transform, transmutate and step onto our true soul path with confidence and self-awareness. Call on Juniper to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities in life with confidence, self-love, protection and clarity.

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