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Oat Tops

Oat Tops

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Spp. Avena sativa

Fam. Poaceae

Sweet, neutral to warm in energy.  Antidepressant, nervine and nervous system tonic. 

Oats have been commonly found in formulas that help with depression, anxiety, sleep, insomnia, menopause, and drug and alcohol withdrawals because they are said to be very soothing and nourishing. They supposedly can help build the system back up after overexertion. They are thought to contain vitamins, including B vitamins, and minerals. The oat tops are picked in their “milky” stage, and are thought to have more of a relaxing effect. 

Found in our Peaceful Times, Blossoming Belly, Calm Child, Calcium Tonic, Flower Light and Love, Mellow Moon Time, Menopause Easy, Milkin Mama, Repair Rejuvenate and Mend, Respiratory Relief, and Women’s Brew Blends.

Kosher and USDA organic

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