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Nettle Aerials

Nettle Aerials

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Spp. Urtica dioica

Fam. Urticaceae

Slightly bitter, cool and drying. Diuretic, astringent, nutritive, tonic and expectorant. 

Nettles are probably one of our most popular herbs. They are thought to be very nourishing, and have been said to contain vitamins and minerals, making them good additions in wound or bone healing, pregnancy, energy, and blood pressure lowering blends. They have been used as a diuretic for rheumatism and gout. Try freeze dried, or tincture forms of fresh nettles as they are thought to help with allergies and lowering the histamine response during allergic reactions. 

Found in our Nurture My Heart, Women’s Brew, Daily Detox, Calcium Tonic, Blossoming Belly, and Green Nutrition Powder Blends.

Kosher and USDA organic

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