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Kate's Magik- Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist

Kate's Magik- Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist

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Kate's Magik Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist

Bergamont and Basil

"Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist helps to create a prosperous atmosphere and serves as a tool to set and maintain your outlook. Basil and Bergamot have been used since ancient times as symbols of prosperity and as a means to direct the flow of abundance. With generosity in your heart and clear intention in your mind, mist in a circular motion above your head. Take a moment to breathe deeply and feel the gentle droplets as the scent and energy of prosperity rain down around you. Also use in your place of business for vibrant money attraction. Mist generously around the space and visualize the thriving atmosphere of success."


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