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Gem Elixer-PYRITE

Gem Elixer-PYRITE

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Alaskan Essences-Gem Elixer-PYRITE


"Indications: easily influenced by others, especially members of one's peer group; unable to make decisions or stand up for oneself; involved in relationships that are not in one's highest good; tension and instability from not being true to oneself.

Healing Qualities: helps us build an energetic foundation in life based on our highest personal truth; strengthens sense of self, especially with regard to group dynamics and peer pressure; helps us solidify and honor our true values.

Ingredients: purified water, organic Demeter Certified Biodynamic® brandy (alcohol 20% by volume) and the vibrational infusion of Pyrite."

Instructions for use: add 2 drops to a small cup of water and take a sip 4 times/daily.


1/4oz bottle


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