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Flicker Feather Essence Oil - 0.5oz

Flicker Feather Essence Oil - 0.5oz

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Spiritual and heart opening initiator. Purifies fear into Love, and heals All through Love.  Deep connection with the rhythm and heart of the Earth, and All it’s peoples.  Connecting to the rhythms of the multiverse, offering new growth and balance. Gifts of gratitude for All things, big and small.


INGREDIENTS: Flicker Essence, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sacred Water, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils:

Fir - Nurturing

Vetiver - Grounding all energetic, spiritual, and physical bodies

Elemi - Inner feelings access, mood uplift and warmer

Nutmeg - Warm, quiet soft stillness 

Linaloe - Courage and cosmic protection of Love

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