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F.E.S.- Kinder Garden Spray

F.E.S.- Kinder Garden Spray

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F.E.S. Kinder Garden Flower Essence Spray

"A child’s bouquet to soothe feelings and nourish radiancePrimary Indications:* A baseline formula for all children from infancy to pre-adolescence championing the inherent light within the child; helping the soul of the child to find expression and self-esteem* For any developmental challenges in the child such as learning impediments, emotional trauma, or inappropriate sexual disturbance in the child due to abuse or related cultural influences* During any time of crisis or dissolution in the child’s family, at school or in the community – such as divorce, death or natural disaster* As a general protection against hardening or disturbing influences that disrupt the natural learning rhythms of the child, such as technology, travel, or homelessness* To assist in the over-all harmony of thinking, feeling and willing forces in the child; when the child may develop mental or physical abilities beyond the soul’s capacity for balance and moral advancement"


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