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F.E.S.- Illumine Spray

F.E.S.- Illumine Spray

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F.E.S. Illumine Flower Essence Spray

"Allowing the Light of Understanding to transform discouragement and depressionPrimary Indications:* A baseline remedy for all states of depression; providing alchemical integration of light and shadow aspects in the soul identity* For any life crisis or loss, resulting in prolonged despondency and lacking positive outlook toward the future* For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or any disturbance in emotional well-being, sleep or eating, related to changes in light and warmth* For pronounced tendencies in the family of origin or family tree toward depression and despondency; proactive steps on the part of the soul to transform the predisposition for depression* Beneficial for animals who may live around depressive caretakers or similar joyless environments; or exhibit signs of seasonal despondency* For depression following any health crisis such as post-partum depression, drug rehabilitation or major surgery; alternate with Magenta Self-Healer"


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