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F.E.S.- Grounding Green Spray

F.E.S.- Grounding Green Spray

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F.E.S. Grounding Green Flower Essence Spray

"Green flowers to strengthen Body-Earth alignment(Formerly known as Gaia Green)* Builds strength, resilience and vitality in the body, through alignment with Earth’s life forces* Provides grounding and stabilizing forces that protect from psychic ­dysfunction and immune distress in high intensity urban and technological environments* Facilitates harmonious and vitalizing connection with Earth substances and forces when used for healing, gardening, artistic or professional pursuits* Guides consciousness from “ego” to “eco” – so that ecological values move beyond abstract rules or political formulas, toward a vibrant awareness of the Earth as a living being* Motivates when feelings of discouragement, despair, or apathy threaten one’s ­positive outlook and active commitment to work for the healing and transformation of the Earth* Increases appreciation of the Earth during travel, recreation or work by sensitizing awareness and perception for micro and macro manifestations of life* Cultivates connection for children who do not feel bonded with Nature due to excessive urbanization and technological influences* Fosters animal communication and connection – especially animals that may be suffering from urban stress – can be used by both caretaker and animal"


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