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F.E.S.- Arnica Allay Oil

F.E.S.- Arnica Allay Oil

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F.E.S. Arnica Ally FloraFusion Bath and Body Oil

"Arnica Allay™ — Restorative for Trauma & Injury

Arnica Allay can be used preventatively to aid body and soul to maintain equanimity, as well as when there is specific pain and injury. Arnica is known traditionally for its many anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, as well as for promoting tissue regeneration. It is used in herbal and homeopathic practices to provide restoration from many kinds of bodily traumas, such as bruises, sprains, contusions, various forms of myalgia, hyperextensions, sports injury and recovery from surgery. On a more subtle level, Arnica Allay helps the soul to reestablish its balance and equilibrium from any kind of physical or psychic trauma."


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