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F.E.S.- Affirm A Flower

F.E.S.- Affirm A Flower

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F.E.S Affirm A Flower Cards

"Affirmations are a specialized activity within the larger field of soul processes such as meditation, contemplation and prayer. They are elegant and evocative words which enable the soul to initiate positive goals of inner development. It is a tenet of all spiritual teachings, as well as business and professional training programs, that the ordering of thought and the harmonizing of feeling have a powerful impact on our ability to manifest change, both within ourselves and within the world.

Beautiful 3 x 5 inch photographs of 103 FES Quintessentials, 48 Range of Light and 38 English/Bach essence flowers. Visit the Flower Essence Kits page to see a list of flowers represented in the Affirm a Flower Cards. Photos by Richard Katz, text by Patricia Kaminski"

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