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Detoxify Body Oil

Detoxify Body Oil

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Based on sister product, Violet Burdock Breast and Body Balm, this massage oil is recommended for massaging in tissues to support healthy lymphatic function.  Made with our own classic herbs for this use, violets, Viola spp, flowering tops, burdock, Arctium lappa, whole plant, figwort, Scrophularia nodosa, flowering tops, and poke root, Phytolacca americana. Daily breast massage supports healthy tissue.

Elements: sunflower oil, violets, Viola spp., burdock, Arctium lappa, figwort, Scrophularia nodosa, poke root, Phytolacca americana, vitamin E, orris, Iris germanica, blue yarrow, Achillea millefolium, and orange essential oil, Citrus sinensis, Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta, flower essence.

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