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Ashwagandha Root c/s

Ashwagandha Root c/s

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Spp. Withania somnifera

Fam. Solanaceae

Bitter and sweet in nature. 

You can’t mistake this herb’s unique scent and will come to enjoy it. Ashwagandha is thought to be both strengthening and relaxing. It has been Ayurveda’s main energizing herb, utilized to supposedly increase strength, and for male impotence.  It is said to be particularly useful in calming and restoring the nervous system. Taken at night, ashwagandha is thought to promote sound sleep. Traditionally, it has been used to stimulate immune function and as a tonic to the overall body.

Choose from powdered, or cut and sifted forms. 

Found in our Restore My Vitality, Energizer Powder, Man Power, and For The Man Blends.

Kosher and USDA organic

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