Spp. Angelica archangelica

Fam. Umbelliferae

Spicy, bitter and warm in nature.  

Angelica has a lovely scent reminiscent of carrots. Traditionally, it has been used as a carminative, and to help various digestive complaints, such as weak digestion, flatulence, dyspepsia, and lack of appetite. It is also an expectorant that has been used in the past for colds and coughs. The circulatory stimulant properties of this herb has helped in rheumatic complaints. It is diaphoretic in nature, lending to its use for fevers. It has an affinity for the female’s reproductive system, which seems to aid in bringing on suppressed menses, lessening cramps, and helping with menopausal problems. 

Avoid use during pregnancy.

Avoid use if the person is diabetic. 

Found in our Anti-Inflammation, Weight Management, and Build Thy Blood Blends.

Angelica Root


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