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Plant of the Month: Vervain

Common name: Vervain

Latin name: Verbena officinalis

Element: Air, Water

Gender: Female

Process: Evolution (Brings Matter into Spirit), Involution (Brings Spirit into Matter)

Energy: Cool

Planet association: Venus, Uranus

Part of plant used: Flowering Tops

Day of the week associated: Friday (Day of Venus), Monday (Day of Moon)

Taste: Bitter, Drying

Body: Blood cleanser, clears mucus, detoxifies liver and kidney, reduces spasms in the body, relieves depression, decreases anxiety, relieves tension in the body specifically to the neck and shoulders, reduces fevers and coughs, releases stagnant energy in the body, used for delayed menstrual cycles, increasing mothers milk, used for hepatis, jaundice, urinary problems, heals ulcers, relieves stomach indigestion associated from stress, prevents headaches

Mind: Vervain helps us to release old views, old ways of thinking and teaches us when to let go when we are hanging on to what is longer serving. She helps to bring in new perspectives by helping us to be open to change. She brings us the courage and the willingness to do so. Vervain shows us how to let go of the “cob webs” of the mind and see the bigger picture of our lives. She calms the mind and body so that we are able to become clearer and more embodied with courage. Vervain brings us the space we need to step back from the worries of the mind to come back to the center of our being.

Soul: Priests and Priestesses called her “herba sacra” because she was used in sacred sacrifices. The Celts used Vervain in their annointing of waters for purification during ritual. It is said that Vervain opens the inner eye to other dimensions of reality. In order to do so, we must sacrifice the old ways of thinking and allow ourselves to be open to new ways of being and thinking. When we let go, we enter the deep realms of our subconscious and we allow the Soul to reveal clarity. We step into the wisdom of our Soul with faith and trust away from hope and fear. What does it mean to let go of what is no longer serving you? What are you holding onto so tight you can’t hear the songs of your own? Allow Vervain to help you let go of the old and open to the new. We can call upon her when we fear change, she will help us relax and enjoy the ride. It is said she will hold us in strength to help us re-ground ourselves when we are stuck in our heads in old ways. Vervain helps us to settle into our truth, our path and our hearts with ease and joy.

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