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The Soul Reverence Podcast brings spirit into form through conscious love and respect for the full spectrum of life. Join Marianna Voulgaris as she channels her wisdom of the planets, stars, elements, and herbs - and Nicole Love as she shares insights and gentle ways of softening and opening more into your divine truth.

This New Moon and New Year keep having us releasing the old ways of being that no longer serve us and the collective. The fun part is we are given the gifts of our own wisdom and access to infinite new connections for our healing and evolution, especially when we connect within the Source of Mother Earth and her infinite gifts and wisdom. Venus and Capricorn play major roles this New Moon and Year. The two connected will help us remember our ancient wisdom ways, and the depths we can love ourselves and the collective from the elder perspective.

Marianna discusses the New Moon in Libra and many other astrological events for October, and brings some plant wisdom support with Burdock leaves and roots. While Nicole attempts to synthesize what Marianna channels, and bring in her own loving thoughts.

Eclipse Portal messages for this New Moon Solar Eclipse time. The planetary alignment at this time is sure to bring buried items up for review and healing. We find how purifying and powerful living in our truth is. Our paths are golden and filled with opportunities for expansion. Echinacea is the herbal ally for this month, and is such a loving being. The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra is recommended reading for those excited for divine downloads. Meditation with the ‘Beloved Fire’ and what it looks/feels like to Be On Your Divine Path are more healing tools your invited to explore. 

Episode 2 brings more astrological insights, this time of November’s New Moon and planetary alignments. We have discussions of going into our ‘hidden truths’ for deep alchemical healing. Also, healing tools of Rosemary, Raven Feather Essence, and Flicker Feather Essence are suggested to work within our depths for support this month.

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