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Wyndmere- Petitgrain EO

Wyndmere- Petitgrain EO

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Wyndmere Petitgrain Essential Oil

"Petitgrain's aroma is woody and floral. This essential oil comes from the leaves of the bitter orange tree. It is uplifting, calming, and balancing, soothing stress and anxiety. Petitgrain induces relaxation in tissues, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels which can promote digestion and ease abdominal cramping and discomfort. It is used in skincare to maintain moisture and oil balance of the skin for all skin types, toning, and preventing blemishes. Petitgrain is a fantastic deodorant and is commonly used in personal deodorants, soaps, detergents, and air fresheners. It's been used to support the immune system to help ward off general illnesses. Petitgrain also helps support hair and scalp health - try adding a few drops to shampoo or use this recipe to make your own hair serum. Give your laundry a clean and fresh scent by adding a few drops of Petitgrain to your regular unscented laundry detergent."


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