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Wyndmere- Neroli EO

Wyndmere- Neroli EO

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Wyndmere Neroli Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil

"Neroli, also known as Orange Blossom, has an exquisite bittersweet floral-citrus aroma that is wonderfully uplifting and often used in perfumery. It is calming and emotionally balancing which helps to soothe anxiety and stress, encourage happiness, and lift moods. Neroli essential oil balances, tones, and moisturizes the skin to improve its appearance, especially in cases of dry, sensitive, or mature skin. It is also believed to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. Neroli acts as a tonic, keeping both body and mind in balance and healthy. It is supportive of healthy digestive, muscular, immune, and respiratory systems. This size is already diluted in Jojoba for your immediate enjoyment."


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