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The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook

The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook

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The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook: Everyday Herbalism and Recipes for Radical Wellness


Written by Sarah Kate Benjamin and Summer Singletary


With over 75 nourishing recipes and herbal remedies,
this cookbook and seasonal guide pays homage to the ancient wisdom of the elements.


This cookbook will help you identify your unique constitution based on the five elements—earth, water, fire, wind, and ether. Use that insight to design an everyday wellness practice with nourishing meals, healing herbs, and self-care rituals. Tapping into these elements is at the heart of all traditional medicines—Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, and Chinese Medicine—and it is the key to discovering your most vibrant self. 

Along with simple spices and healing herbs, you‘ll feel confident creating remedies that support mental clarity, enhanced digestion, a relaxed nervous system, and promote an overall radiance. From tonics like Roasted Dandelion Chai or Hibiscus Punch with Schisandra Salt to rejuvenating classics like Kitchari with Golden Ghee or Tumeric Congee, you'll find transformative recipes and uses for herbs to restore and find balance every day. 

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