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Mustard Seeds (Yellow)

Mustard Seeds (Yellow)

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Spp. Sinapis alba

Fam. Brassicaceae

Spicy and hot. Carminative, stimulant, expectorant, analgesic. 

The yellow mustard seed is less pungent, and more mellow than the brown mustard seed. 

Mustard seeds provide a short-lived, spicy kick to a dish. In addition to its flavor, it has been used to stimulate digestion, warm the body, especially the lungs. The warming properties have been used to help relieve minor rheumatic pains. It has also been also used for breaking up and expelling phlegm, and quieting coughs caused by excess phlegm. Traditionally, it has also been used topically to direct blood and heat to an area, potentially relieving some pain and tension. 

Certified Organic

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