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Lycium or Goji Berries

Lycium or Goji Berries

1 Ounce
Excluding Sales Tax

Spp. Lycium chinense

Fam. Solanaceae

Sweet and neutral. Tonic, hemostatic, immunomodulator, hepatic, antidepressant, nutritive, adaptogen, antioxidant

Lycium berries are a sweet grab on-the-go snack treat. In addition to its convenience, the berries are also thought to be very nourishing to the body, they have been used to help build blood, build the immune system and restore yin. It is also said to strengthen eyes, help with night blindness, and blurred vision. Lycium berry has also been used to restore the body from general weakness, impotence, and tonify the liver and kidneys. 

Certified Organic

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