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Kokoleka Collective Ceremonial Cacao: Imua 3.9oz

Kokoleka Collective Ceremonial Cacao: Imua 3.9oz

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In Hawaii, Imua means to “move forward”, and we like to imagine that it’s towards a goal, dream or vision. This blend was inspired by the ancient Mayan cultures, where cacao was often mixed with spicy chilies since ancient times.

It is known in Mayan culture that spicy peppers work as a synergistic with cacao, multiplying the effects of cacao on our body, mind and therefore spirit.

This is our favorite blend to embody and enhance focus, divine masculinity and a little spice in your life.

Ingredients: Ceremonial Cacao, Kaua’i Red Chili Peppers, Organic Cinnamon, Hawaiian Sea Salt & Love

For daily use, we recommend using 11g (equal to 1 tablespoon).

For ceremonial use, 22g-50g (2-4 tablespoons) can be used.

We do NOT recommend using more than 50g of cacao, as you can experience a “hangover” from using too much of this plant medicine. Start slow and experiment with what’s best for you every day.

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