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Kokoleka Ceremonial Cacao: La Medicina 11.74oz

Kokoleka Ceremonial Cacao: La Medicina 11.74oz

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The long, historical story of cacao and mushrooms being used together to create elixirs for immortality are plenty.

Together, cacao and medicinal mushrooms create an energizing, yet grounding experience that supports the nervous system and adrenals.

Plus, did you know mushrooms, when mixed together, have their qualities enhanced? It’s true! For a truly synergizing, grounding and gently stimulating experience, La Medicina is your blend.

Ingredients: Organic mycelium: Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Maitake, Shitake & Lion’s Mane, Hawaiian Sea Salt & Love.

For daily use, we recommend using 11g (equal to 1 tablespoon).

For ceremonial use, 22g-50g (2-4 tablespoons) can be used.

We do NOT recommend using more than 50g of cacao, as you can experience a “hangover” from using too much of this plant medicine. Start slow and experiment with what’s best for you every day.

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