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Cardamom Seeds Hulled

Cardamom Seeds Hulled

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Spp. Elettaria cardamomum

Fam. Zingiberaceae

Warming and drying. A carminative. 

Cardamom is a staple in the chai formulas. It is thought to help with dyspepsia and flatulence. It has traditionally been used to counter the  creation of phlegm in the lungs. It is also said to have expectorant qualities useful for coughs.

Choose from our powdered, hulled, or pod forms.

Found in our Sunshine Awakening, Energizer Powder, Nurture My Heart, Repair Rejuvenate and Mend, Man Power, Energy Fusion, Digestive Chew,and Sore Throat Soother Blends.

Kosher and USDA organic

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