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Alaskan Essences-Environmental Essence TIDAL FORCES

Alaskan Essences-Environmental Essence TIDAL FORCES

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TIDAL FORCES: "The quality of Alaska is one of drama and extremes, and Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay are particularly dramatic because of the extreme tidal fluctuations that occur here. This essence was prepared with fresh sea water on Kachemak Bay in south-central Alaska during a full 22 foot tidal cycle. 

The tide is the force of the sea, the rhythm of seasons and life. It is the giver and taker. It persists in all seasons and in weather wild and calm. 

This is an essence of rhythm and balance, of loss and gain, of adapting oneself to the swiftly changing currents of life. It helps one release the old and receive the new with constant and unyielding fluidity. It soothes and balances overly emotional, fiery states of being and helps wash away mental resistance to change, and to accepting what is in the present moment. 

The Tidal Forces environmental essence is a balancer for extremes–for times of profound loss, times of darkness, times of being pressed against the sea cliffs by the tides of life."

Limited Edition

1/4 oz

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