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Alaskan Essences-Environmental Essence NORTHERN LIGHTS

Alaskan Essences-Environmental Essence NORTHERN LIGHTS

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NORTHERN LIGHTS: " Made on a windy subzero arctic night under a swirling green display of Northern Lights, this essence gives us the opportunity to liberate our earthbound perspective and join in a dance with the source of our creation. Its healing focus is to cleanse and prepare the heart for the creation of a new matrix of connection with others based on Universal Love. Northern Lights is a particularly useful essence to take after an experience of deep transformation, especially when such an experience has broken down the old energetic patterns of connection that we have used to relate to others and to the outside world. This can leave us feeling disoriented, and with our heart forces scattered. It is in this place of dissolution and disintegration that the essence of Northern Lights does its work, helping us create a new energetic matrix of connection in our hearts based on Universal Love. "

1/4 oz

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