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MRH- Passion Chocolate Elixir

MRH- Passion Chocolate Elixir

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Mountain Rose Herbs Passion Chocolate Elixir

"Passion Chocolate Elixir is a winner of the 2020 Good Food Awards! Winners had to meet standards of quality and social responsibility and were judged by a panel of blind taste testers. We are proud to be a winner of such a prestigious award and hope you enjoy this decadent, herb-filled treat as much as we do.Awaken closeness and connection with our delicious Passion Chocolate Elixir. This sensual elixir has been formulated to promote vitality. Featuring a blend of herbs to support the amorous activities in your life, this elixir is made using organic, fair trade cacao and local honey, and it can be taken alone or in a beverage. For a special treat, drizzle some over ice cream or fresh, organic berries."


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