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F.E.S.- Chamo-Mild Calm Oil

F.E.S.- Chamo-Mild Calm Oil

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F.E.S. Chamo-Mild Calm FloraFusion Bath and Body Oil

"A new addition to our FloraFusions line of herbal bath and body oils, formulated in a base of Terra Flora Chamomile flowers in organic olive oil, with a medley of flower essences and essential oils. Relaxing and soothing.

The Chamomile flowers at our certified Biodynamic® FES Terra Flora Gardens are a radiant highlight of summer, ever-graced by a hovering host of bees, butterflies and other beneficials. Truly the Chamomile blesses the whole garden with its shining elemental presence.   We are delighted to announce that the abundant goodness of Terra Flora Chamomile is available in a new product. Chamo-Mild Calm™ is now part of our FloraFusions line of alchemical artistry, featuring flower essences, essential oils and extracts of flowers, solar-infused in organic-certified olive oil.   Chamomile has been revered for millennia throughout the world, for its soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities. It is a premier sleep aid, treatment for fevers, and digestive ailments. It is one of the finest herbal medicines for infants and children, helping any range of issues including colic, teething, tummy trauma and general emotional distress.   The traditional healing qualities of Chamomile are amplified to a whole new level in Chamo-Mild Calm™. You are going to cherish Chamo-Mild Calm™ from the first moment you encounter its sweetly soothing and rapturously relaxing qualities! In addition to Chamomile essential oil, the botanical oils of Sandalwood and Lavender provide nerve healing; Frankincense and Cistus are restorative for breathing harmony; Spruce and Cedarwood bestow physical warmth and grounding; and Vanilla and Ylang Ylang impart mellow sweetness.   The Chamomile flower essence provides emotional nurturing and equilibrium, assisted by Star of Bethlehem and Mariposa Lily; California Valerian, Lavender and Magnolia flower essences promote deep body relaxation; while Lilac and Sweet Alyssum uplift and purify the mental field; and Pink Angel’s Trumpet provides bodily release and connection with higher realms.   There are so many wonderful ways to use Chamo-Mild Calm™ – including baths, massage and targeted topical healing. One of the most basic is to apply a small amount in the palm of your hands and massage gently into your face, breathing deeply – you will feel the gently joyful qualities of this beneficent balm in seconds. And if you are experiencing any kind of digestive challenge or tension in your solar plexus, a tummy rub of Chamo-Mild Calm™ will bring remarkable release and relaxation."


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