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Echinacea and Roots

Echinacea and Roots

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Pau d’Arco, echinacea root, dandelion root (raw and roasted), sarsaparilla, cinnamon, burdock, sassafras, ginger, and stevia.

Neutral to warming. Immunomodulator, immune system stimulant, alterative, and diuretic.

These herbs have been traditionally used to clear the blood, which could be useful for clearing up the skin, and helping clear the body of less useful byproducts that can build up and disturb normal body functions. Considering all the affinities of the herbs, this blend could possibly help the liver, immune system, skin, blood, hormone levels, reproductive organs, and generally help with well-being. 

This is a blend by Mountain Rose Herbs. 

Avoid use while on blood thinners. 

Caffeine free

Certified organic

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