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Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers

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Spp. Calendula officinalis

Fam. Asteraceae

Spicy, bitter and neutral in energy. Astringent, alterative, vulnerary and diaphoretic. 

The bright lovely orange flowers of calendula are gentle but strong. Traditionally, they have been used to help heal wounds, burns, bruises, and decrease inflammation. They are said to also be helpful in stimulating and clearing out the lymphatic system. Calendula has been used in the past to help soothe an irritated digestive tract or lungs, such as in chronic lung conditions. 

Avoid internal use during pregnancy. 

Found in our Healing all 7 Chakras, Nurture My Heart, Flowers Light and Love, Repair Rejuvenate and Mend, and Respiratory Relief Blends.

Kosher and USDA organic

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