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Alaskan Essences-Environmental Essence LIARD HOT SPRINGS

Alaskan Essences-Environmental Essence LIARD HOT SPRINGS

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LIARD HOT SPRINGS: " This essence was prepared from mineral hot springs water on a cold, clear day at Liard Hot Springs in northern B.C., Canada. In all natural hot springs we find an outpouring of the forces of creation, a re-creation of the primordial energies of paradise, a powerful reminder of what it was like on Earth before the cumulative actions and energies of human beings began to collect in the planetary aura. The healing gift that these forces of creation carry is an original archetype of innocence. As we enter and relax into the calming vibrations of this essence, we are cleansed of layer after layer of the energetic grit and grime we have collected during our lifetimes on this planet. This cleansing brings us back in touch with the innocent truth of who we really are–spiritual beings who have come to this Earth to learn. An essence of cleansing, re-creation and renewal. "

1/4 oz

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