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Plant of the Month: Licorice

Common name: Licorice

Latin name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Process: Involution (Bringing Spirit into Matter)

Energy: Moistening

Planet association: Venus

Part of plant used: Root

Day of the week associated: Friday (Day of Venus)

Taste: Sweet, Nutritious

Body: Soothes and heals mucous membranes, supports adrenal glands and adrenal hormones to regulate stress responses, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, increase estrogen activity in the body, enhances body’s natural defense system, liver protective, mild laxative. Licorice is known for soothing the mucous membranes and is used for soothing the lungs, throat and bronchial irritations. Licorice assists the body in adapting to stress and is used for adrenal fatigue. She also enhances immune function and is used to protect the liver while easing any inflammatory responses in the body due to stress. Licorice in Chinese medicine is considered the harmonizer and builds the body’s life force energy, builds the blood and is a great detoxifier and will rid the body of poisons and other excess toxins. Licorice has been known to regulate blood sugar levels in the body and can be stabilizing for hypoglycemic conditions.

Mind: Helps to keep the mind quiet and at ease. Licorice has been used to quiet the mind before meditation. Licorice helps to open up blockages deep within our emotional realms and gently ease them to the surface. She brings out a greater sense of peace and harmony deep within us. Licorice helps us to restore relationships with forgotten aspects of ourselves so we can truly remember all that we are. She helps us to nourish and harmonize the relationship we have with our higher Selves and Spirit.

Soul: Licorice helps us to see our inner light and is a guide for our inner seeking. She teaches us how to be alone in walking on our path in truth while maintaining balance and harmony. Licorice also opens our Self to radiate our light into the outer world. She helps us to have the courage and strength in seeking our inner light helping us to open up to use our light as our guide to connect us back to Spirit. This way we can trust in our own guidance. When we feel we have nothing left to say we can understand it is time to retreat to find the validation that we are seeking within our own Selves. She teaches us that all the answers are found within and that true love and freedom comes from within.

Licorice helps us to understand that we have put the limitations of our lives upon our own Self and we have the ability to free ourselves. She helps us to find the love and compassion we need within. Licorice eases us into our depth helping us see the truth in ourselves which cannot be found in the outside world but is found within. Licorice helps us to detach from situations that no longer serve us and opens us to find compassion for all as we evolve while remaining true to our own path. She gives us the strength to move with the flow of our Soul, to find our guiding light and to honor that we are each on a path to Great Spirit.

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