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Plant of the Month: Chamomile

Common name: Chamomile

Latin name: Matricaria recutita

Element: Fire, Air

Process: Evolution (Brings Matter into Spirit)

Energy: Cool, neutral to warm

Planet association: Sun, Earth

Part of plant used: Flowering Tops

Day of the week associated: Sunday (day of the Sun)

Taste: Sweet, aromatic, slightly bitter

Body: Reduces spasms in muscles, tissues and stomach, reduces inflammation, helps to reduce symptoms of allergies, used to clean wounds and infections, anti-fungal, increases digestion and decreases gas and heartburn, calms the nervous system and a nervous stomach, decreases pain in the body, reduces fever, aids in the treatment of colds, coughs and flu, mild sedative and used for insomnia and nightmares

We all know Chamomile and find her so gentle, but have you ever thought about how far she has traveled through cultures and time? She has such a humble yet warrior appearance to be remembered and still used today even in diners! Chamomile brings forth inner peace and opens us to being present and grounded in who we are. She helps us draw forth clarity about our Soul purpose by helping us to digest life experiences into wisdom for living. Chamomile has the ability to enhance new visions within us by helping us to remain calm enough to hear our inner voice. She assists us in composting (digesting) what we are holding onto to open to the new that is breaking through. Chamomile opens us to inner divine truth and brings us to inner peace all at the same time, our own humble warrior. We all go through great weather storms in life and Chamomile brings us the calm in the eye of the storms that allows us to see the light through those clouds. She reminds us that we each have direct access to light, divine truth and we can break though old ways and step into self-acceptance, love and grace. Here we can honor our strength and reissuance. When we do this for ourselves, we can do this for the world by opening up to compassion and see we have all weathered storms. Chamomile reminds us that these winds of change stir things up so a new sense of clarity therefore being in the world can pierce through. When you are feeling too many thoughts or feeling stuck while making decisions ask Chamomile for clarity and meaning through the seeming chaos. Her yellow flowers remind us of our light and personal power and her white flowers open us to receive messages and magic from beyond. Allow her to bring the stillness you need to remember you are light and you are an open channel of love that CAN receive guidance whenever you need it.

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